Sankey lab

The Sankey Lab allow you to create sankey charts from your own data. It also allow recycling or loops, as well as SVG export of the finished chart. Note that there should be no headers in the data.


Enter the data and other settings here. If you want to load sample data, please


Drag and rearrange nodes as needed.

Help section

Input data

The Sankey generator takes tab separated data as input, arranged in the following way

souce value target

The most straightforward way to manage your data is probably to set it up in Excel, and then copy and paste it into the data field.


The Sankey Lab tool is build mainly on the modified d3 Sankey plugin by Stefaan Lippens (demo here).

Other tools


Sankey Global Cadmium cycle

This sankey chart shows the global massflow of Cadmium.